About Us

SMARCA, Inc. is a trade association representing Sheet Metal, Air Conditioning, Mechanical and Roofing contractors that employ union employees in one or more construction trade. SMARCA was incorporated in 1947 as a non-profit Minnesota corporation. Our Board of Directors are elected from six different regions covering Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

We provide assistance and guidance to our contractors on a variety of labor, employment and industry-specific issues. We are likely to be involved in any interaction between our Contractors and the Union, including contract bargaining, contract administration and grievance resolution. We also serve as management-appointed trustees on various pension, health and apprenticeship funds.

SMARCA provides Safety Resources to our members and contributors. These resources and services include, but are not limited to, consultation with our Safety Director, safety training, safety program audits, assistance with developing company safety policies and job-specific safety plans.

SMARCA employees stay updated on the latest industry issues by affiliating with national organizations. SMARCA is both a SMACNA Chapter and an NRCA Affiliate. SMARCA employees regularly attend national meetings, provide input on national issues on behalf of our contractors and bring information and resources gained at the national level back to our local contractors.

Affiliating with the national organizations also allows us to be the local contact for industry resources developed at the national level. SMARCA maintains an inventory of SMACNA Manuals for sale at a discounted price to our contractors. NRCA materials can also be requested through the SMARCA office.

    Other Related Organizations
    • Dakotas Mechanical Contractors Association – SMARCA provides services to Mechanical Contractors in North Dakota and Eastern South Dakota under this registered business name.
    • Twin Cities Roofing Contractors Association (TCRCA) – SMARCA provides administrative services to TCRCA under a service agreement with the Roofing Industry Fund of Minnesota.
    • North Central NEBB – SMARCA provides administrative services to North Central NEBB under a service agreement. North Central NEBB is a separate non-profit corporation that is self-governed and operated.