State of Minnesota IAQ Projects


It was brought to our attention that the State of Minnesota has unspent federal dollars available for indoor air quality projects. Approximately $190M is available and must be spent within the next five months or lost. We believe the State will soon be reviewing potential IAQ projects and funding them if they can be completed quickly. There likely will be emphasis on prisons and mental-health treatment facilities; i.e. Anoka-Hennepin and St. Peter Treatment Centers.

If you have outstanding proposals for State of Minnesota IAQ work you may want to remind your contacts with the State. If you are aware of needed IAQ projects that can be completed by February of 2023, you may want to make contact with the appropriate people. These jobs are more likely to be contracted for directly with the State of Minnesota due to the time constraints.

SMART Local No. 10 has been working with the Governor’s Office on this issue. If you run into a roadblock or believe there is a great opportunity being overlooked, you can contact Colin Beere, Government Affairs, or Matt Fairbanks, Business Manager, at Local No. 10.

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